Sunday, March 13, 2011

New EP by Make A Rising - New I Fealing

The eclectic/avant-rock group Make A Rising (one of my favourites) have released a new EP called New I Fealing which you can freely download but can donate to the group if you're ever so inclined to.
Carrying on with their sound and style of before, this EP is as creative, progressive and fun as their previous two albums. I've reviewed their album here.

You can listen to it on their website and below.

Here are some notes on this release from the band:

Rhythm tracks engineered by Jeff Zeigler at Uniform. Everything else recorded at the Avant Gentlemen’s Lodge (RIP).
Mixed and Mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth the Thousand Caves.
Produced by Make A Rising.
On this recording, Make A Rising was: Jesse Moynihan, Justin Moynihan, John Heron, Nick Millevoi, Travis Woodson.
GUEST MUSICIANS: Dave Fishkin (sax, flute), Jesse Sparhawk (harp), Beth Brandon (wurlitzer), Alex Tyson (synths), Eric Slick (marimba), Dan Blacksberg (trombone), John Pettit (trumpet), Brandon Beaver (vox), Eliza Hardy (vox), Cecilia Corrigan (vox), Spooky (vox).
All songs written by Make A Rising.

This 3 song EP was originally intended to come out as a split 12″ with the D.C. band, Hume. Unfortunately, I moved across the country and Make A Rising could not support a physical release. This was also meant to be a teaser for our upcoming double album release, but the status of that project is now up  in the air.
This recording seems like a logical step after “Infinite Ellipse”. We made some internally controversial decisions. I hope it rewards in the same way that 10cc’s “How Dare You” rewarded me after half a year of listening. It took a year and a half to finish these beasts. Enjoy!
<3 Jesse

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