Monday, March 21, 2011

Recommendation: Naikaku - Shell (2006, Musea)

Shell is the second album by Naikaku, a Japanese band, whose origins are in the duo of Satoshi Kobayashi and Kazumi Suzuki, who formed the band in 1998. Expanding into a 6-piece band, they released their first album Wheel Of Fortune in 2003 and Shell in 2006. You can read more biographical details here.

As I've only heard Shell, I can only speak of its strengths. Flute and guitar dominated heavy progressive rock and fusion are the order of the day. Each piece here (except one) is a long and ever developing dense, rhythmic and melodic tune that never ceases to explore and expand the main theme's horizons. At times it might seem to much and you may feel as if you're assaulted by the music, which is why I listen to it in the right mood, whenever I want a "high-energy bar" of music; a heavy and intense collection of tight, rhythmic and well made epic compositions. The musicianship is top-notch and the melodies quite catchy and memorable.
A stellar release!

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1. Crisis 051209 (15:18)
2. Resentiment (8:55)
3. I Found A Deep Dark Hole And I Am Going To Jump In! (7:01)
4. Lethe (9:01)
5. Shell (16:28)
6. Tautrogy (3:46)

CD Musea Records FGBG 4640.AR 1290

- Satoshi Kobayashi / electric bass
- Kazumi Suzuki / flute
- Norimitsu Endo / drums
- Mitsuo / electric & acoustic guitars, trumpet

- Kei Fushimi / electric guitar
- Daishi Takagi / keyboards

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