Thursday, November 17, 2011

News from Toby Driver (Nov. 17th) - New Kayo Dot album and more...

 Here's the latest email newsletter from Toby Driver:

" Hi folks, behold the latest issue of my newsletter!

Here's what's covered in this one:

- New Kayo Dot album details!
- Kayo Dot spring USA tour
- maudlin of the Well: Bath / Leaving Your Body Map vinyl box set
- Spoken word split 7" for Aniseed Records
- Tartar Lamb 2 shipments!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Brief Brief

Due to my workload in the lab as well as to a baby appearing very soon in our household, the upcoming Hangings are delayed for the time being (not for too long, I promise)

However, do expect more reviews (White Willow, Synkoke, new albums from AltrOck and Black Widow), more recommendations and more featured albums.
Those will be posted as soon as my schedule allows.

For now enjoy Major Parkinson's Heart Of Hickory