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Recommendation: Eden - Aura (1979)

In the garden of...
Eden is a French duo: Hubert Vrayance, who composed the music (Hammond organ, bass pedals, synthesizers, vocals) and Allan Lys (drums, congas, percussions).
Eden released one album in (1979). Information on them is scarce and so focus will be given here on their music which is more simplistic and more straightforward in their approach (compared to others in this genre). Melodic, yet outdated in sound, they start their tracks with a main theme upon which they add more layers of sound and more ideas.

Each track is depicting a different theme, idea or scene. For instance, the first track "La Nuit Des Sorciers" (The Night Of The Wizards) is about "silhouettes dancing to the rhythm of winds in a dense wood under a strange moon".
This should appeal to people who like Organ work and a melodic album which can serve as soundtrack for a late afternoon or early Sunday listening. Not essential, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Originally released by Oxygene Records it is now, as far as I know, out of print and can be found on online auctions. You will probably also notice it is sold as a mini-LP by the pirate label, Tachika.
Obviously, you can find it as a download blogs aplenty...

As for my impressions of the album I like it a lot. I always put it on when I want something that is exciting and beautiful while not being overly loud and in your face. The music is accessible, melodic and repetitive. The composition are simple but charming and catchy. The synths sounds impart a spellbinding allure to the music as well as a vintage spirit. For all the flaws one might find in it, I find it a lovely album, with melodies that leave a good taste in your ears, hanging sounds.

Sadly, I couldn't find any online videos or samples to post here.
I do hope this gets reissued someday!

1. La Nuit Des Sorciers (8:50)
2. Parures D'automne (6:16)
3. Les Enfants (2:55)
4. Amour 76 (7:48)
5. Ouverture (7:59)
6. Cauchemar (4:51)
7. Theme O.V.N.I. (3:48)
8. Arc-En-Ciel (5:51)

Total Time: 48:18

- Hubert Vrayance / Hammond Organ L-100, bass pedal, Elka Rhapsody 610 string ensemble, Solina string ensemble, Korg 700S synthesizer, Jen Synthetone SX 2000 synthesizer, vocals
- Allan Lys / drums, percussions, congas

Recorded at studio A.A. Music, Savigny-Le-Temple (77), France, July 1979.
Recorded By – Alain Gandolfi

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