Sunday, November 20, 2011

News from The Echelon Effect

Hey Everybody,

I hope you're enjoying the cool autumn air, or the bright spring sunshine depending on where this finds you!

I have a couple of bits of news for you.

Bit 1.
I'm very excited to tell you guys that i finally have a record deal, its on the great German post-rock label Oxide Tones. My first ever CD is out now, its a re-issue of last years Mosaic,  a deluxe version with 2 extra tracks. They were taken from the original Mosaic sessions from last year and remixed. Now the album feels truly finished.
You can grab a copy here! Be sure to check out all the other artists on the label. I'm really lucky to be a part of it!

News Bit 2!
I'm also really excited to tell you that Seasons 3 came out yesterday, already the response is beyond anything i could have hoped for. Its on the usual pay what you feel its worth basis, so grab a download here
So theres a bit of new (and old) music to get your teeth into

Thank-you as always for supporting, listening, and sharing,
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The Echelon Effect x

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