Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Devil's Blood Release New Album In November

Great news I just read on the band's Facebook:

"The 11th of November Ván Records will unleash the second full length entitled "THE THOUSANDFOLD EPICENTRE". The cult is just in the studio to ban the tracks with the help of Pieter Kloos in the Void Studios. Expect a 70 minutes monster of psychedelic rock... more info soon."

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Orchestre Celesti Album (Free Download)

Orchestre Celesti have released their third album, Transition Of Power, and it's currently available for free download from their bandcamp.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review: Accordo Dei Contrari - Kublai (2011)

Accordo Dei Contrari return to the public’s ear in 2011 with their second full-length album, Kublai. This new album follows their 2007 release, Kinesis, which to my ears was a pleasant, energetic and enjoyable listen and signaled a promising future.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recommendation: Borean Dusk - Borean Dusk (2010)

I love to find an album that satisfies a need (not that kind of need; I have other avenues for that). I wanted heavy music that is complex, melodic, eclectic, epic and exhilarating. I found it all in the form of Borean Dusk.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Where Am I?

Apologies for my absence, but given the tremendous amount of work I have in the lab as well as some other personal issues I'm dealing with, I'm not able to work on new posts and new reviews. I'll resume those as soon as I can.
I apologize to the bands who sent me promotional cd's or digital files, for the delay. But "real life" takes precedence.



EDIT - I'm currently working on reviews for (not in order):
Accordo Dei Contrari - Kublai (to be posted soon)
Time Traveller - Chapters III+IV (to be posted soon)
Herd of Instinct - s/t
Daal - Destruktive Actions Affect Livings (to be posted soon)
Goad - Masquerade
Trettioarige Kriget - Efter Efter
Factor Burzaco - II
Achenar - Super Death Explosion Kittens
L'Impero Delle Ombre - I Compagni Di Baal
Victor Peraino's Kingdome Come - No Man's Land
Calomito - Cane Di Schiena
Humble Grumble - Flanders Fields
The D Project - Big Face
Delirium - Il Viaggio Continua (CD+DVD)
Pensiero Nomade - Materia e Memoria
Mike Henderson - Whte Arrow Project
Ukab Meard - The Waiting Room

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Tune by The Resonance Association

Here's the announcement from Mrs.Vee:

"THE RESONANCE ASSOCIATION return with an hallucinatory new track "Face The Eschaton": the first from their eagerly awaited fourth album "Heliopause".

Listen to the track here - http://unlock.sc/2tk.

The SocialUnlock.com site - operated by SoundCloud - has instructions how to download the track for free in return for a Tweet.

For those of you without Twitter, don't worry: the track will be available to buy from all major digital outlets in a few weeks.

The album will follow later in the summer.

Thank you for supporting mrs.vee recordings!

All the best,


Official site: http://www.mrsvee.co.uk

NEW! Soundcloud page: http://www.soundcloud.com/mrsvee

NEW! Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/mrsvee-recordings/154365287950606

Last.fm page: http://www.last.fm/label/mrs.vee+recordings

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review + Spotlight: Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung! - We Need New Animals (1998, Sony Classical)

I've had a "crush" on these belgians' music for some years now.
Their first album is still my favourite.
What follows is a short introduction to the band as well as a review of their second album, We Need New Animals.

Recommendation: Morpheus - Rabenteuer (1976)

Here's a groovy and enjoyable fusion/prog album that I got as a gift a few years ago. Morpheus were (and still are) a German band playing instrumental jazz rock, with lovely melodies and a nice warm live feel.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Will It Ever Come Out? - That Album That Takes Forever To See The Light Of Day...

Sometime during early 2005 I stumbled upon this 2-song EP by a mysterious band I knew nothing about. It was very cheap on this online cd store I used to buy from and the description made it sound like something I'd like.
Upon getting the album and listening to it, I was stunned.

Review: The Antikaroshi - Crushed Neocons (2009, Exile on Mainstream)

I came with good intentions. I heard some of the music from this band The Antikaroshi on their myspace and was intrigued enough to follow through to review the promo of their album, Crushed Neocons. And as with every (or most) promos, there comes a small press release with it and I’m used to the hype and exaggerating comments, but the pseudo-philosophical, patronizing and annoying notes that came with this turned me off somewhat.

That is until I listened to the album.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Cheval de Frise - Cheval de Frise (2000, Sickroom/Sonore)

Controlled Acoustic Chaos

What can you do with an electro-acoustic guitar and drums? Cheval De Frise can make a whole wonderful insane album.

Cheval De Frise’s music was an avant/math/noise-rock which is at times reminiscing Upsilon Acrux, Ruins and Don Caballero and yet they definitely have a sound of their own, easily identifiable and original.

New Karda Estra Album, New Worlds, Available For Free Download

Here's Richard Wileman's announcement from Progressive Ears:

"Following on from my last post, I released the new Karda Estra album NEW WORLDS today and it can be downloaded for free.

12 futurist nostalgia instrumental tracks including collaborations with Kavus Torabi (Knifeworld, Cardiacs), Don Falcone & Bridget Wishart (Spirits Burning, Hawkwind) and Stu Rowe (Lightertheif, Andy Partridge).

2 Options:

Free 256k mp3 (same quality as Amazon/i-tunes) download at:

Pay what you want (min £1) for 320k mp3 or lossless formats:

Who plays what:

Best wishes,
Richard "

Recommendation: Francis Dhomont - Frankenstein Symphony (1997, Asphodel)

Some 2 or 3 years ago, I'm not sure when, I started to be interested in musique concrete/electro-acoustic/acousmatic music. I received guidance from several people, and one in particular, Michael from Progressive Ears, recommended me particular composers and compositions that have since caught my ears.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Tune to End Your Week With...: Louis Moreau Gottschalk - Souvenir De Porto Rico

Though I don't feature it here, I love and listen to classical music (various periods and composers) but consider myself to have limited knowledgeable on this wide subject and so don't post about any of my favourite pieces or cd's here (please feel free to do so in the comments).
I will make a change for once (and perhaps again in the future) to give you a taste of a composer that I was recommended to listen to by a friend on Progressive Ears forum.

Review: Snekka - Akropolis (2010, Lusti Music)

Snekka is a Finnish folk band, formed in 2000. Akropolis is their third release to date. The album was produced with Markus Pajakkala, who is the man behind Utopianisti, whose s/t album I reviewed and was enthused by.

Akropolis, an instrumental album, chronicles an imaginary journey from the outskirts of Finland through its capital, Helsinki, all the way to the Akropolis in Greece. It chronicles an ascension through various stages, to a heavenly place, symbolized here by the Akropolis.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review: Areknamés - In Case Of Loss... (2010, Black Widow)

Areknames are an Italian progressive rock band with 3 studio albums and one live album to their record, with the first s/t one having been released in 2003. In Case Of Loss… was released in 2010 by Black Widow Records.
I was aware of the band but have never heard any of their albums so far and so this is my first exposure to their music. I can say that if this is indicative of their previous albums, I should go and check them as well.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Streaming Album: Zombi - Escape Velocity

I've said here before that I subscribe to Rock-A-Rolla magazine that covers all kind of forward-thinking, experimental and avant-garde bands from various styles (metal, rock, electronic, jazz).

Their latest issue features Zombi on the cover and in a feature article and interview. A good read if you're interested in the band.

If you go here, to the Mag's website, you can stream the band's upcoming album, Escape Velocity, coming out on Relapse on May 10th.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Sanhedrin - Ever After (2011, Fading Records)

The Barness brothers started Sanhedrin in 1998 with other musical partners as a Camel cover band. The group, however, began writing their own material. Here we are presented with their debut album, an instrumental release with 8 compositions. The album features an iconic Israeli musician, Shem-Tov Levi, on the flute. Mr. Levi is a singer, flutist and pianist as well as a composer and arranger. He has released a variety of albums as well as working with various Israeli musicians and singers. Of interest here, is that he was a member of Tuned Tone (with Yitzhak Klepter and Shlomo Yidov), Ktsat Acheret (A Little Different) and Sheshet, all progressive bands or related. But I digress...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bandcamp Discoveries: Red Army

Here's a reversed Bandcamp discovery; it found me.

Review: Subject To Thoughts - The Culmination (2010)

I don’t like doing this, but I don’t have too many good things to say about this release. I’m sure a lot of hard work has been put into the making of this album and into writing the songs. But the end result doesn’t sound good to me. I guess the duo of Mark Mendieta (who created this project) and Brandon Strader will not like me very much after reading this review, but I can’t help the way I feel about this album.