Sunday, March 30, 2014

Recommendation: Major Parkinson - Twilight Cinema

This is so good, I just had to come back from the cold to post about it.

I've been waiting for a band to come along and fill in the void that was left by Cardiacs and their amazing music. Well I think that by now, with three amazing albums, I can declare that Major Parkinson is that band.

Twilight Cinema, their 2014 offering, is quite different from their previous albums. I don't want to use the word mature, cause it would cast their previous albums in a negative shade. But this album sounds like a band that progressed forward from their roots and defined themselves a fresh and original sound, a band with a sharp and clear vision, playing original, inventive and innovative progressive rock, a band that doesn't cater to the masses but creates and plays music which they enjoy and love. A band that takes their ideas a step forward with each album and in this one, they're breaking new boundaries for their sound and song structures (listen to the title track to hear it).

listen to the album on Bandcamp: