Monday, November 28, 2011

Recommendation: Hazzard's Cure - Hazzard's Cure (2011)

A cure to my musical craving...
I found out about this band through this interview here. Their music is heavy and dirty-sounding, melding together various styles, from thrash to sludge, from black metal to death metal. I was reminded of various other older bands while listening, but really, they have their own musical identity. What I like about this album is the immediate accessibility of the music, alongside their focus on song development. Hooking riffs and thoughtful song arrangement and progression are the sell points of this album for me.

Alongside Vektor, this band is one of few to get me highly excited about, intoxicated on and addicted to raw, heavy and dirty metal these days.

You can stream their s/t album on their bandcamp, buy their cd (tapes and vinyl forthcoming) or download the album digitally.

Hazzard's Cure blog

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