Saturday, November 12, 2011

Music for a Newborn Baby

My wife delivered a baby boy yesterday (11/11/11).
And so now the most important thing is of course... to educate him from the cradle about music. I gave him a short sample of Phideaux's new album, Snowtorch, which he seemed to be ok with at first but then lost interest (ha, those 1 day old babies; what do they know about good music, right?).
Next step will be something a little heavier and energetic; since he seems to like when I walk with him at a rather fast pace, I'll introduce him to some Cardiacs (Fiery Gun Hand and Big Ship) and then some classic heavy metal later on. I'll see if that combination of speed and music is agreeable to him.

Seriously, though, I now think about all the great music he'll be exposed to, all the great old and new albums he will "need" to catch up on and then formulate his own musical preferences (he better listen to what I do, or it's the orphan house for him!...). I hope for his sakes, though, that he'll like metal...

All this was to say, that my next posts and reviews (some of which are almost finished) will take a little longer to appear here.

For now listen to Phideaux's latest album (one of my favourites of this year):

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