Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recommendation: Intodown - Brave New World

It sure sounds brave...
I've only discovered this band and album this past week while browsing Bandcamp's listing, during a sleepless night caused by a newborn.

The recent nature of this discovery is why I can't tell you much about the band, except that Michael Clark is the man and guitarist behind the music. There is more info, though not up-to-date, here.

While I listened to it only 2 times, that was enough to get me hooked on the music. The serving is made up of instrumental psychedelic/space rock. The music is fun and engaging, at times quite heavy, with hypnotic psychedelic segments. What I particularly appreciate about the album is its variety; there is a breadth of place for various sounds and atmospheres to come into play here and not a monotone pace that can be frequently found in psychedelic/space rock albums. The album feels like one big piece divided into various shorter tracks (which is the case, as you will hear). Hence, why you need to listen to this uninterrupted (and on headphones).

Here you can read a little more about some of the tracks on this album as well as listen to samples.

Official website
Buy the cd at CD Baby

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