Friday, December 31, 2010

Recommendation: Matt Stevens (acoustic, instrumental, progressive)

I came across this musician a few days ago while browsing Bandcamp. I was immediately captivated by his music and looked up his website to learn more about him.
So instead of me telling you about him, here's what his website says:

"Matt Stevens is a musician and composer from North London. An instrumental artist, he uses an acoustic guitar and a sampler to create multi layered tracks live. This is often called Live Looping. His music is compared with artists as diverse as John Mclaughlin and Sigur Ros. He plays live all over the UK.


Last year saw the release of Echo his well received debut album. It has been a "word of mouth" success thanks to the support of bloggers, podcasters and listeners from across the internet.
He has composed for short films(including the award winning Daddys Little Helper) and his live work is often compared to watching a one man guitar orchestra or wall of sound. He also plays guitar in the band The Fierce And The Dead.
He perfoms to people from all over the world using Ustream.TV "

Also, here's an interview with him.

You can stream his two albums on his bandcamp and also pay-what-you-want for downloads, or purchase the cd's (10₤ for both).

Do take a listen, it's fantastic music!


  1. Hi Matt,
    My pleasure! Keep up with the great music.
    I'm enjoying the two albums I bought from you; looking forward to the next.


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