Thursday, December 2, 2010

A song to Thank You!...: Alphataurus - La Mente Vola

November has ended and December has began!

First I'd like to congratulate my good friends Emma and Johnny on the birth of their son Alex (born 29-11-10).

Second, my committee meeting went rather well, and so now I need to work hard for the next one.

Last, I'd like to thank you people who read these nonsensical blurbs and verbal outpourings of mine. The blog has had much more visitors than I had anticipated, with over 900 visitors this months and almost 200 returning visitors. Thank you!

Please let me know in the comments what do you think, what would like to see more of and what would you like changed. Can't promise I'll do it, but I will read and consider.

With regards to music, there have been great albums released this year, some of which I've mentioned here and I will do a 2010 favourite albums summary in January 2011 (similar to the one I did for 2009).

So I'd like to sum this post up with a stunning song to thank you all, La Mente Vola (the mind flies) by Italian prog-rock band Alphataurus.

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