Thursday, December 9, 2010

A song to to find your way home with...: The Builders & The Butchers - Short Way Home


The Builders & The Butchers are a Portland, Oregon based band playing lovely folk/Americana rock. I came across their website earlier this year and ordered their 2009 album, Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well, which is a superb collection of catchy melodic folk-rock.

Aside from this album, they have a s/t album from 2007, a split with Loch Lomond from the same year, a live album, Where The Roots All Grow, released this year. In 2011 they'll release their new album, Dead Reckoning.

Here's a great song from their second album called Short Way Home. Listen to the entire song, don't quit in the middle.

Watch more videos here.

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