Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recommendation: Chinese Goblin Factory - City Of Glass

A friend over at Progressive Ears (who's incidentally a drummer in Tamandua, Daniel Bennett Group, Ra Quintet, Colin Stack & Novelty Act and The Boston Jazz Trio), has posted a thread about this project, Chinese Goblin Factory, and I was pleased enough to want to tell you about it here as well.

The EP, City of Glass, is described by Oz, the man behind it as having "IDM, orchestral-breakcore and industrial elements".

Have a listen, it's not bad at all.

You can stream the whole thing on Bandcamp and Pay-What-You-Want-Download:


  1. Oz here - thanks for the good words :D

  2. @ Joel, glad you like it.

    @ Oz - nice to see you around these parts, Hope to hear more from you

  3. one of my new favorite eps, really well implemented 8bit sounds


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