Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recommendation: Oberon's Parabola (Aaron Parks)


I came across this drummer called Aaron Parks through a project called Oberon's Parabola, but apparently that's not the only group he's in, as you can see here.

 And what's great about is that you can download it for free.
The album features eclectic instrumental fusion and prog.

" Oberon's Parabola is:
Dan Bui - Electric Mandolin
Michael Madeley - Keyboards
Aaron Parks - Drums
Tyler Pickens - Electric Bass

Also featuring:
Javier Stuppard - Trombone
Marcus Wilcher - Sax
John Zarsky - Trumpet "

Here's Aaron's bio from that website:
"Aaron Parks was born in Houston, TX on May 5th, 1987. Being exposed to music at a very young age, he was always interested in playing it. His parents bought him a beginner drumset at age 3. At age 11 he began to play percussion in middle school band and when he turned 13 he finally got a real drumset. Aaron began to play in his dad's band, Parks and Wildlife, playing Grateful Dead songs among other classic rock tunes. He played in many rock/blues bands in high school until he finally moved to Austin, TX, to attend University of Texas at Austin.


Once Aaron moved to Austin, his outlook on music began to change. He joined a UT jazz combo his second semester and began to learn the language of jazz. With the help of the UT jazz faculty, Aaron exponentially grew into a much more aware musician. Also, with the help of Brannen Temple, Aaron became a stronger drummer.

Aaron's first official recording was "Omnibus" with The Wonderful Organization in 2007. That same year he recorded "Prog.Garaj.Jaz." with The New Sunday Toast. In 2008, The Wonderful Organization refined their sound and created "T.W.O.", which was a great achievement for every member of the group. In 2009, Eddie Mathis, the singer/songwriter/guitarist for TWO, moved to Honduras. This gave the rest of the band the oppurtunity to make an instrumental progressive rock album entitled "Oberon's Parabola." Oberon's Parabola is the most involved and challenging project Aaron has been a part of thus far. Aaron has also been a part of recordings by The Chad Spivey Quintet, Segunda Luna, Ben Balmer, Houston Marchman, and Makayla and the Yesmen.

In May 2009, Aaron graduated from UT with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and currently teaches high school math. He currently drums for Oberon's Parabola (with former members of The Wonderful Organization), Houston Marchman, Segunda Luna, Groovin' High (The Chad Spivey Quintet),  Ethan Kennedy, Et Tu Bear?, Jackie Myers Band, Meggan Carney, and Clay Campania."

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