Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Try this one out - Iszil from Chile

A young Chilean musician who works under the moniker Iszil (whether it's also his name, I don't know), has posted on Prog Archives about his newly released album, Back To The Seed.

I gave it a listen and I must say, I quite like the music. The vocals are, to me, the weak point here, though not bad as to ruin the music (they remind me a bit of Lobster Newberg's singer). There is "classic symphonic prog" in there, melodic but not devoid of heaviness and roughness (a good thing).

He says about himself: "Highly influenced by Rush, Yes, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Dream Theater, etc - you will get the idea listening to (at leaste) the demo - I've developed my own sound incorporating different styles and "symphonicity" to my art."

Listen for yourself on his bandcamp:

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