Sunday, March 27, 2011

TCP's new album, Fantastic Dreamer, is, well... fantastic!

Nice artwork, eh? Makes you want to listen to the music, no?

TCP (Temporal Chaos Project) is an American band playing heavy and eclectic progressive rock. I've familiarized myself with their music only recently, starting with their 2009 album The Way, which was an ear grabber form the first moment I heard it. As soon as I heard that they have a new album out, I proceeded to order it right away.
Their new album, Fantastic Dreamer is already available from their label, 10T, even though it will be available from online vendors starting April 11 and it has a street date of June 15th.
Continuing in the path set by its predecessor, this is a dense and rich sounding album, dynamic and quite demanding of its listener, as there is lots to "digest" musically in here. They have a knack to create gorgeous melodies and present them in a complex but attractive manner.
This is definitely a highlight of 2011 for me so far. 

You can stream their entire two albums on the 10T website.

You can listen to some songs in their Reverbnation as well.

Here's a nice review from Sea Of Tranquility.

Band's bio from their label's website:
"TCP is a project based around the core collaborative spirits of Henry Tarnecky, Blake Tobias and Jack Wright. TCP (aka Temporal Chaos) was formed when these three multi-instrumentalist progressive songwriters met within a two week period early in 2008. Magnetically drawn together by their mutual love for progressive, the music and words poured out remarkably fast. The unique TCP sound blends elements of classic-era art rock with healthy doses of modern technique, highlighted by Henry’s uncommon voice and dramatic phrasings.

TCP’s debut album entitled The Way was a critical success that landed the band on many top 10 lists for the year. The band’s second full length release, Fantastic Dreamer, sees them further refine their sound, adding depth and layers to the foundation previously established. Deftly blending elements of classic-era and modern progressive rock, the nine tracks that make up Fantastic Dreamer showcase a haunting and emotive blend of vocals with layers of soaring guitar and keyboard passages which often ride a shifting and complex rhythm section.

“While not lacking for things to say musically, this time around the band focused more on Jack Wright’s prolific writing and playing styles to shape the basic direction for Fantastic Dreamer,” says TCP’s Blake Tobias. “Jack has a unique method of expressing his angular guitar. It tends to infuse our sound with an addictive progressive math rock type of foundation. In addition, I believe Fantastic Dreamer benefits from the extra scrutiny as a result of a truly band effort in production decisions.”

TCP wonderfully showcases a dynamic blend of dark, melodic vocals with extended instrumental interplay. Epic, soaring, beautiful, intricate, hard-edged and melodic are just a few ways to describe their works.

Since their inception, TCP’s artistic efforts have been concentrated in the recording studio. Their musical compositions have reached the airwaves and the world through independent music-driven US and foreign radio stations."

You can read more about the individual band members here.


  1. I got the album from 10T Records a few days ago, so I'll review it in due time. My first impression, however, was quite positive.

  2. Love TCP! Nice review.

  3. Fantastic Dreamer will NOT disappoint! Can't stop listening to it! Bravo, TCP!

  4. To the first anonymous - that isn't a review, but I love TCP's music as well! :-)

    To the second anonymous - it's been on high rotation in my case as well. Slowly getting into my head more and more.


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