Saturday, March 12, 2011

Recommendation: The Builders and the Butchers - Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well (2009), Dead Reckoning (2011)

This is a band whose music I've been enjoying since 2009 and mentioned here once when posting a song from their second album, Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well (2009).

The Builders And The Butchers are a folk/Americana (with some blues and gospel touches) band from Portland, Oregon (with some members having roots in Alaska). The band formed in 2005, initially as The Funeral Band and playing (acoustically) in the streets and gradually got opportunities to play in venues and shifted to amplifying their instruments.

Their songs are catchy, vocalist Ryan Solle has a hard to miss voice and their whole sound is just contagious.

The stunning album artworks are done by Lukas Ketner.

Official website
All Music
Article about the band
Another article about the band

Here you can see their upcoming US dates.

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