Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sounds Heard Today - March 13th, 2011: Indukti - S.U.S.A.R.

I use to this type of post a lot when I started the blog in September last year (2010) but have since stopped. I'm resurrecting this in favour of a "good old album" I re-visited today, one which I used to listen to a lot when it came out (2004) and for a year or so afterwards.
This is the incredibly tight and heavy unit of Indukti. This album bears the marks of Red-era King Crimson in a metal form with a violin playing at the forefront of many of the tunes. Mostly instrumental, this album does have two songs on with the fabulous vocal of Mariusz Duda of Riverside. The drumming and percussion is also a highlight of this album as is the demented violin playing on some of the instrumentals (No. 11812 and Uluru). The two songs are somewhat more relaxed than the instrumentals which have a tendency to get heavy, noisy and highly energetic (all in a very good way). This is a stellar release, a debut album that "knocked me off my feet" and that I highly recommend if you haven't heard it yet. 
I will feature their second album, Idmen another time (heard today as well). 

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