Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recommendation: Orchestra Panica - Journey To Devotion (2010, Lizard Records)

I was devoted after one journey alone...

Not much info could I find on this Italian outfit, and what I did was in Italian, such as here.
The little info in English I found was here and it says this:
"ORCHESTRA PANICA is a new project from Luca Vicenzi (guitar, Zita Ensemble) and Francesco Agostini (keyboards, programming). Psychedelia, Steve Reich minimalism and Miles Davis electric jazz are the main influences. Inspired by the surrealistic art of Alejandro Jodorowsky."

Despite their name, Orchestra Panica's music has nothing remotely hysteric or agitated in it. It's in fact a down-tempo/ambient/post-rock jazzy and psychedelic album, filled with gorgeous soundscapes and charming, haunting short melodies. It is calm, relaxed, but not devoid of richness of subtle sounds and delicate motions of tender notes.

This is the kind of album you put on at the end of a long day and relax to.
This is an album you put on during a sleepless night when burdens interrupt your circadian rhythm, when you wish you were away from your daily routine; all for the chance to be transported away from from it with the magic created by this beautiful music.

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