Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recommendation: Colin Masson

Colin Mason was the leader of the English progressive folk band, The Morrigan. He has also started releasing his own material under his own name, still retaining the folk elements, unto which he adds various lush sounding layers of keyboards, achieving at places a "symphonic prog" sound, particularly in his second album, The Mad Monk And The Mountain.

In Isle Of Eight (2001) one can hear two main things: folk elements as well as Mike Oldfield-like influences (particularly in Total Ecplise). The Mad Monk And The Mountain (2009), while still retaining those two elements mentioned, is more dynamic, delves further on into the "symphonic prog" realm, and experiments more with electronic possibilities as well as rocks out more in various parts. The music is epic in its scope, length of pieces and how they're developed and arranged. 

Isle of Eight has only 3 tracks, but it's overall time is around 65 minutes. The Mad Monk And The Mountain is shorter, but still has rather lengthy compositions. In both albums he is accompanied by Cathy Alexander on keyboards and vocals, while he deals with the rest of the instrumentation. I recommend both albums, but if you have to pick one, go with the latest one (The Mad Monk And The Mountain), as I feel it's a step up from the first release and a more coherent and has more well thought-out and arranged pieces.

The Morrigan website
Colin Masson's site on the Morrigan's

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