Friday, March 25, 2011

So, the new Pär Lindh Project album...

Time mirror has been released recently but I didn't notice too much buzz about it. Perhaps due to it not being promoted too much and/or being easily available for purchase. Or I'm looking in the wrong places.

However, if you're a Pär Lindh Project fan and/or an Emerson, Lake and Palmer fan, you may very well try this one out as well.

As in past albums, the ELP influence is abundant and obvious. This album however, is more varied, somewhat heavier sounding (due to the drumming work) and as exciting as previous music from Pär Lindh Project.
The title piece itself is worth the seeking out the album. A 17 minute piece, with good vocal work by Al Lewis (who also plays drums on the album and sings in three of the four tracks) as well as gorgeous keyboards work by Pär Lindh (who would have guessed...). This piece is characterized by its sudden changed in style, from the ELP pompous prog style to rag, etc (similar to what ELP has done on their albums, like Tarkus). This piece has an ear catching tune with haunting organ work and the interchanges are a gorgeous ear candy that make me listen to this song again and again. An excellent piece.
The rest of the album is not up to par in my opinion, though not bad. While they're all nice and pleasant tunes, nothing about is as captivating as the title piece, but still I enjoy listening to them. This is why, as a whole album, I prefer Mundus Incompertus, even though the Time Mirror piece is my favourite of his of all his compositions.

You can read two proper reviews of the album here.
More info on the official website here.

The only track on youtube from the album, is my least favourite from the album, it's the closing instrumental, Sky Door:

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