Friday, March 11, 2011

Recommendation: Satanique Samba Trio

Here's the bio I wrote for this group at Prog Archives:

Not satanic and not a trio, this avant-garde group plays a fascinating mixture of styles, from avant-rock to jazz, a bit of metal and weird folk. Their instrumentation is as varied as the styles they incorporate into their music.
Original and eerie, this band will be of interest to fans of bands like Sleepytime Gorrila Museum, Doctor Nerve and of other avant-rock bands.

The band has three releases to date:
Misantropicalia (2004)
Sangrou (2007)
Bad Trip Simulator #2 (2010)

I like a lot both of their first two releases but not so much the last one from last year. Perhaps I need to listen to it more. It did sound quite different from their previous efforts.

Official website
Prog Archives

There's not much of them on youtube and most of it is not of very good sound quality, but here are a few samples to quench your curiousity:

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