Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recommendation: The Laze

I know nothing about this group except that I heard about them from the threads they opened on Prog Archives and Progressive Ears in which they said their 2009 album, Spacetime Fabric Conditioner, is available on their Bandcamp.

This is extremely good eclectic progressive rock!

Here, listen to them while you read their biography below:

Here's their official biography as appearing on Prog Archives:
"The Laze (& The Age of Indolence)/THZ LZZZ

THE LAZE formed from the ashes of Doom Cow, an instrumental stoner/sludge unit, in 2001. All members originated from the small seaside towns of West Kirby & Hoylake on the Wirral. The name, THE LAZE, was chosen as the band spent most of their time "sitting off" creating new music. Coming from the Aristotlean idea, in Nicomachean Ethics, that leisure time was incredibly important to the development of civilisation. Leisure time allowed space in which to create and consider things that aren't strictly related to our day to day survival. The contradiction of being lazy in one person's eyes yet creative in another's eyes also appealed to THE LAZE. Their full title became The Laze & The Age of Indolence as they felt their generation did not use their leisure time productively. The geographic area in which the band lived was very important to their sound at inception. Inspiration came from sitting on the beaches looking out into infinity. The area is also famed for it's Viking and smuggling history. Nordic themes and pirate shanties were prevailant and were nuzzled in with groove-based funk, punk and rock. Their main musical influences at this time were Frank ZAPPA, Kyuss, CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, BLACK SABBATH, AC/DC, Herbie HANCOCK, and Devo.

Shortly after releasing their first LP, Keeping the Dream Alive (2002), THE LAZE started their own club night at Liverpool's Zanzibar Club. Valhalla (Est 2003), was very successful for three years, selling out almost every month. Valhalla made THE LAZE one of the most notorious unsigned Rock groups on the Merseyside. During this period they released two EPs, The.p. & Stick It In. After 3 years the band decided they would rather concentrate on touring and writing rather than local promotion. They organised a last Valhalla and released an album of material that they had been playing there for the 3 years, Curse of The Laze. This was the end of an era for the band.

They did a few tours & festivals in France in 2006 as well as a UK tour with Indica Ritual in 2007. It was during this time the band began sonically veering. They had become more and more self indulgent through the years but had always reserved some self control. Whilst playing 2 hour sets nightly on their French tour they found they could lose that reserve and still keep the audience. Saxophone/Recorder player, Chad Bean, joined the band officially mid 2006. It wasn't long before the band were visited by the Time Horse, an Astropriest aka Chronos Equestrian. During this hallucinatory experience the band were informed of their purpose. The Laze began writing their concept album, Spacetime Fabric Conditioner, early 2007. Heavily influenced by quantum physics, biotechnology, ancient mysticism and most notably transhumanism the band created a story with a thousand faces. They at present working on a silent black & white short film, The Saga of Desmond Ultor, to accompany the forthcoming LP (in post production). They are currently writing the sequel to Spacetime Fabric Conditoner (working title FM 2094), which is conceptually concerned with Immortality Research and Space Migration.

Influences: Frank ZAPPA, Friedrich Nietzsche, GOBLIN, Olaf Stapledon, BLACK SABBATH, Philip K. Dick, RETURN TO FOREVER, Aleister Crowley, John Carpenter, Timothy LEARY, KING CRIMSON

Members: Little Good Bobby - Lead Guitar, Dave Granger - Bass/Moog/Lead Vocals, Phil Generator - Drums, Jouse Jones - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Sensory Wednesday - Rhodes/Nord, Chad Bean - Saxophone/Descant Recorder

Releases: Keeping the Dream Alive (2002) - 11 track LP/SOLD OUT, The.p (2003) - 3 track EP/SOLD OUT, Stick It In (2005) - 4 track EP, Curse of The Laze (2007) - 9 track LP, Prologos (2008) - 2 track Spacetime Fabric Conditioner sample CD.

:::Official biography, provided by Dave Granger::: "

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