Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recommendation: Hume - Penumbra

The other day I posted here about the new Make A Rising EP. In the band's website, Jesse said that the EP was supposed to be a split with a band called Hume.
So I said to myself "you should check them out".
I usually don't listen to myself. However in this case, I decided to be so stubborn and listen to this Hume band.

Well, for once, I'm glad I listened to myself (usually, it doesn't achieve any good results).
If you go here you can listen to the album Penumbra by Hume.
They are from Washington DC and play a sort of eccentric pop/rock at times walking the border of math and avant rock, at times crossing it slightly to the other side. However, their music has a nice somewhat dreamy atmosphere with some odd twist to it. Too bad one can't buy the cd or digital files from their bandcamp, only from their label.

Here's what's written about them in their label's website:
""Hume, based in Washington, DC, brings an energy to experimental pop that's been missing for a long time. Penumbra, the band's new EP is deceptively challenging, but at its core is thrilling and engaging. Recorded with Hays Holladay (of Bluebrain) early in 2010, the band emerged a tight unit full of tamed energy and will embark on a tour this summer. The record will be released on Sockets Records on limited edition 12" vinyl in August 2010. It will also be widely available in digital format in September 2010."

You can also listen to them here.


  1. We saw them last year at the Sonic Circuits Festival, on the first day. They played just before The Muffins, and were a vast improvement over the two opening acts, though in my view they were somewhat misplaced in the context of the festival.

  2. Hi Raffaella,
    Cool that you saw them live!
    Actually, with regards to what Jesse mentioned about the split, I think a double bill of Make A Rising and Hume is a good idea.


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