Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rasputina's New Album Announced

From Rasputina's newsletter:

Hello everyone!
We are pleased to announce that Rasputina’s eighth album Great American Gingerbread: Rasputina Rarities and Neglected Items will be available on April 5.
Great American Gingerbread features fourteen jewels of audio arcana discovered in Melora’s musical treasure chest. These gems were recorded mostly in the early 21st century and are comprised of film scores, demos, compilation tracks and tribute pieces. Many are essentially solo works, Melora’s initial compositions and impulses.
Great American Gingerbread also includes a bonus DVD that includes a live performance as well as Q&A session recorded in 2002 at the Knitting Factory, in New York. This concert was beautifully filmed and features a fairly obscure Rasputina line-up, with 3 cellos and Jonathon TeBeest on drums.
Great American Gingerbread will hit stores on April 5, 2011, but pre-order it now directly from us and you will have it delivered right to your mail box on April 5th.
And here is a little preview - please enjoy a free download of The Ballad of Lizzie Borden. Melora wrote this song at the age of 7 after having seen the television movie starring Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched fame. It left such a deep impression on her, that there was a place in the song where she would chop at the piano with the side of her hand! (The chopping is not included in this recording.)
ginger bread cover
•"Coraline" from the Neil Gaiman tribute album Where's Neil When You Need Him?
•"Skeleton Bang" appeared the charity album Colours Are Brighter in 2006 (on Rough Trade)
•Score for "On My Knees", a film Melora starred in/ directed by Kim Wood
•Unreleased soundtrack material
•Unused demos
CD Track Listing:
1. Pudding Crypt
2. I go to Sleep
3. Do What I Do
4. Black Hole Hunter
5. Black Hole.2
6. Loom
7. Death at Disneyland
8. Skylark
9. Children's Reform Center
10. Coraline
11. Ballad of Lizzie Borden
12. Mysterious Man-Monkey
13. Skeleton Bang
14. On my Knees

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