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Sounds Heard Today (Sep. 5th, 2010)

Here is the collection of sounds for September 5th, 2010

Hammers of Misfortune - entire discography
I chanced upon The Bastard, Hammers Of Misfortune first full-length release, in 2000, hearing the track An Oath Sworn in Hell. I was immediately taken by the powerful riffs and the intriguing lyrics sounding as if taken from a tale. It turned out that it is an album that tells a tale, fantasy story if you will, about opposing an evil monarchic regime, only to find that upon overthrowing it, you've become as bad, if not worse. A tale of hope and treachery, redemption, despair and acceptance of fate.
I then started following the band's output.

I got The August Engine much later than its release date but loved the instrumental opening and the smooth transition into Rainfall. Then there is the excellent Insects with a riff in the second segment of the song that is taken from The Bastard.

Then came what I still see as their best output - The Locus Years. I got it as soon as it came out. A stunning album, with a fantastic lineup, where Sigfrid Sheie performs wonderfully on the keyboards, adding so much the the Hammers sound. Scalzi's vocals are superb, accentuating the feel of the lyrics (as in the poignant Trot Out the Dead), Chewy's drumming as engaging as always and Cobbet's riffs piercing the stomach upon listening to them.
In 2008 came their double album release Fields / Church of Broken Glass. Again, woderful songs with great ideas and well performed. Now without Scalzi and bassist Myers and with two new vocalists (Patrick Goodwin & Jesse Quattro).
Their entire discography, including the out-of-print The Bastard, has been reissued by Metal Blade records, to which the band have signed with this year and with which they'll release their next album.

Reut Regev - This is R*time
Trombone-led jazz by Israeli musician/composer Reut Regev, with her husband, Igal Foni on drums and percussion, David Phelps on guitars, Brad Jones on bass and guests Eddie Bobe on congas and bongos. An exotic affair, mixing between direct and sharp catchy composition and subtler textures. 

Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass
A trance-inducing calm psychedelic journey released by Brain records in 1974, recorded by the Karutrock band, Yatha Didhra and reissued in 2004.

Xing Sa - Creation De L'Univers
Setna - Cycle I
These two bands are connected. Both released through the excellent Soleil Zeuhl records, they share members. While Xing Sa is keyboards player Nicolas Guolay's music, Setna is drummer Nicolas Cande's music. These two play in both lineups, along with bassist Christophe Blondel. They musical vision of these two bands is similar as well; a sort of mellowed-down Zeuhl, very jazzy and relaxed, with chanting and centered around dominant bass lines with beautiful entourage of saxophone, voices and keyboards. However, while Setna is very subtle and gentle (you really need to crank up the volume), Xing Sa is a little more aggressive and imposing. I enjoy both as late night/early morning listening experiences. 

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Hammers of Misfortune - Fields trilogy

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