Thursday, September 2, 2010


It's all about venting.
Escaping the daily routine, the repeating pattern, the ever-occurring annoyances that fill our "modern" day lives.

Music is what helps me vent, escape, leave it behind for a while, recharge, connect, disconnect...
Music that I love is what will fill this small corner of the internet.

I've been writing about it unsuccessfully, for a while in other places (Prog Archives, Progressive Ears, Sonic Frontiers) and still do whenever I have the time (though that last website, Sonic Frontiers, has closed its virtual doors).

You can read more here:

To see what I've been listening to recently, you can have a look here:

Here I'll post about what I listen to (in short blurbs) and I'll post reviews as well (some which I have previously posted reviews).

Hope you find something of interest here.


  1. Unsuccessfully? I would beg to differ. You have penned some of the best reviews I have ever read, and your interview with Dan Britton was legendary at Prog Archives.

    Good to see you doing your own thing my friend. I'll be regular visitor here.


  2. Cheers mate, very kind of you :-)
    I've been following your blog, and you gave me inspiration to start one as well.


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