Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: Klotet - En Rak Höger (2008)

Here's a review I wrote earlier this year about Swedish band, Klotet.

Surprises. I love surprises when it comes to music. Finding out a thrilling new band, something exciting, fresh and beautiful.
Such a surprise I had when a friend over at Progressive Ears recommended this Swedish four-piece band, Klotet and their 2008 release, En Rak Höger. They formed in 2004 in Uppsala and this is their first release, an instrumental album, out on Musea.

A cool keyboards sound with an electronic effect and a dominant bass line presents itself as the album begins, presenting gradually what the band has prepared for us. Soon more sounds are added and the rest of the band joins in. And finally the humorous facet of the music is exhibited as a gypsy/eastern sounding tune is played and developed.

Melody is their strong side, as is their ability to wrap it with additional layers of instrumentation and effects. The tracks are catchy, fun and charming and are what makes me coming back to this album and even play several tracks again once they're over. The tracks on the album have each a distinct tune that is played and toyed with, then developed, thrown sideways and resumed. The sound is fuzzy and warm, cool and vibrant; at times sounding psychedelic and at others heavy and sharp. The album contains 14 tracks, mostly short (3-4 minutes) and all work well and have interesting ideas and are well developed and played.

My favourite piece on the album is the 7th track, Allt Är inte farligt. Though short, it has a highly driving motif that opens it, which then shifts to a different section that is somewhat slower but nevertheless haunting appeal with its effects done on the guitar (various effects, have a good listen).
The keyboards (organ and Fender Rhodes I think), played by Milvesofia Rydahl, are definitely the hooks, the root of the music here, and very efficienct bass work by David Hallberg as well as drumming by Mikael Styrke accompany it. Guitarist Påhl Sundström plays alternating roles with Milvesofia; they switch positions of front and back up with their instruments, one leading the other accompanying.

This is a highly enjoyable album, high energy levels, ear worm melodies and groovy atmosphere.

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