Monday, September 6, 2010

Sounds Heard Today (Sep. 6th, 2010)

Yesterday I listened for the first time to Israeli band, Melechet. They have released one album called בין לבין, which means In Between. This requires several more listens, but from this first encounter, I perceived an eclectic affair, progressive for sure with songs connecting and flowing into each other, rock-opera-like and very emotional in sound and lyrics (though the vocals on the first song did annoy me). I'll definitely give this many more listens, but it requires focus while listening to it, so I'll pick a time when I can devote my full attention.  

Today I heard some metal bands while working as it keeps me going and serves as a good background while doing my experiments in the lab. Among those were:

Kalisia - Cybion (progressive death metal from France, one of my favourite albums of 2009)

Kylesa - Static Tensions (great stoner/sludge metal with a Neurosis influence, amongst others)

Decrepit Birth - ...And Time Begins (don't like this album, but needed something brutal at that moment)

Lustre - A Glimspe of Glory (atmospheric/ambient black metal)

Then after work, I listened to some prog rock albums:
Dean Watson - Unsettled (you can listen to the whole album on his myspce; click the link on the album name; read reviews of the album here)

Progression By Failure - S/T (I may expand on this album in the future; a very nice first effort from French multi-instrumentalist, Nicolas Piveteau; read reviews here)

Album of the day:
Kalisia - Cybion

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