Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A band in the Spotlight: Flow and the Mingos (USA)

I've recently come across a band called Flow and the Mingos which play a melodic and grandiose sounding rock. They've released an EP this year, apparently their first output, called Living in Time.
This collection of 7 songs is slightly melancholic, emotional and rich. They are fronted by a special sounding vocalist, Sarah Walk, whose voice is spacious and warm. Their sound revolves around a core of piano, bass and drums (they're a trio) but it manages to sound bigger than the sum of their parts.


Here's their bio from here

"A trio that has surpassed Keane and Tori Amos in comparison, Flow and the Mingos are an emotionally naked and high energy piano rock band that combines cynically optimistic and in your face lyrics with 'rock music, every bit as raw and passionate as one could hope'. Mature beyond their years they have proven to be masters of original composition with a diverse range of style and complexity, both lyrically and rhythmically.

Having just finished high school, it is a massive understatement to say that Flow and the Mingos have come a long way since the first band practice seven years ago. With Influences like Thom Yorke and Radiohead, Bonham and Led Zeppelin, and Flea and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, it is safe to say that they have created quite the soulful stew when it comes to music. Winning battle of the bands all throughout the metro area including Shorewood, Plymouth and Hopkins, as well  as a JamSolid Productions battle at Varsity Theater involving over forty bands, of which they were the youngest.

Led by pianist/vocalist Sarah Walk, this lesbian effortlessly attacks her keyboard with a passion and intensity that is emotionally captivating and delivers thought provoking lyrics.
Inspired by John Bonham, Mike Drasher's energetic beats amplify the crowd while providing a rhythmic backbone to the complexity of the sound. Kevin Coughenour and his funky, guitar-like bass lines do far more than fill out the low end. With only a three piece band every note matters, and his flawless, complex bass lines help to fill out the sound.

Leaving listeners to believe they have just seen one of those rare moments of witnessing a breathtaking new talent about to blossom, Flow and the Mingos are a breath of fresh air with a sound unlike any, and will leave you emotionally inspired and intelectually moved.
Instrumentation Kevin Coughenour- Bass/Backup Vocals
Mike Drasher- Drums
Sarah Walk- Piano/Vocals


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