Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not Procrastinating. Working. Really.
That's right, I'm a middle-aged woman working in a paper inundated office...
Actually if you look in that picture of me, you'll see how neatly organized are all these papers right behind and around me. So now you know it's a fake.
I did not have any time this week to write or even prepare a post due to work and other things I have to write (like the update to my PhD thesis committee, which I need to schedule a meeting with soon to present my progress, or lack thereof...).

However, I have some new albums I've gotten and am excited about, which I will write about soon.
I'll also post a short account of the Magma show my wife and I saw in NYC this past Monday night (oh, so you have time to go to shows in the city, but not to write posts do you - I hear you say; What can I say, you caught me red-handed...).

I've also been splurging in online cd shopping again when I shouldn't. Naughty boy (I've had my wife punish me; with whip and cream no less... cream-whip, get it? yeah, I know, I didn't laugh either).

In the meantime, you should sink your teeth (actually, ears would be better) in:
Orbs - Asleep Next to Science (for prog-rock)
Samsara Blues Experiment - Long Distance Trip (for psych rock/metal)
Martriden - Encounter the Monolith (death metal)
Sky Architect - Excavations of the Mind (for prog rock)
The Claudia Quintet - Royal Toast (for jazz)


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