Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sounds Heard Today (Sep. 2nd, 2010)

Been consuming huge amounts of music lately (mainly new releases). Helps disconnect from the world and my worries, while trying to get through work.

On the list is a lot of metal, prog, rock, jazz, chamber music, electronic, trance etc.

Here, I'll give a snippet of what I am listening to lately. You can see more of what I'm listening to lately here: It contains almost all of what I listen to lately (plus albums I realize late that I have not yet rated).

Let's start with All Over Everywhere, the project led by Trinna Kesner and one of my favourite musicians/composers who I've mentioned before and whose music I reviewed, Dan Britton.
The music on Inner Firmaments Decay is otherworldly in a way; in fact, if you've heard Deluge Grander's second album, you'll recognize the style from there. It is quite dense and slow sounding, with female vocals in the background of the mix (by another Deluge Grander member, vocalist Megan Wheatley).

Another recent find is Dave Kulju who recently released his second album, Notes In The Margin. Well done instrumental prog rock that you can read about in the following review.

In the metal category, I just got to know Israeli black/prog metal, Winterhorde. They have released their second album this year, Underwatermoon and this review says much more than I can right now. Also, look at the stunning cover art work.

Zoe Keating is an accomplished cellist and composer who aside from her solo work, has played in various groups, including the wonderful Rasputina. Her latest album is Into The Trees, a wonderful collection of cello lead pieces (with some electronics, but really not something that noticeable or overbearing). Listen to some tunes here as well.

More lovely finds and spectacular experiences:
Sophie Hutchings - lovely piano-centered pieces, ranging from the intimate to the charming. Read more about it here.

Hour Of The Shipwreck - you know those albums you get and then either hear once, not fully concentrated and therefore aren't properly impressed and then some time later you discover it again and then you're completely taken by it? well that's one example. I'm not sure whether they are still active, but this 2008 release of theirs, The Hour Is Upon Us, is really wonderful. And you can get it for 6$ here

That'll do for now, I'll leave you with my track and album of the day for Thursday, September 2nd, 2010:

Track of the day:
Jean-Philippe Goude
- Picnic Music from the album, Rock De Chambre
Listen to it here.

Album of the day:
Winterhorde - Underwatermoon

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