Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sounds Heard Today (Sep. 8th, 2010)

Late night listening (last night):
Keeping up with the psychedelic/sludge trend of late, I grabbed this album called Of Sound Mind by Ancestors from LA, California. The first song on the album alone is worth getting this release, which is on the Tee Pee label I mentioned yesterday. This is heavy music, bordering on metallic (if not "there" already), rich, rather slow but still propulsive and they don't neglect melodic lines in favour of mood and freak-out psychedelic vibe.
If you want some psychedelic rock in your musical diet, head over to their website or myspace, see the bands on their roster and listen to the samples they have over there.

I'll devote an entire post just for the psych/sludge bands another time and for now I'll skip to other things I heard.

Next in line was Astrid Proll. This is a band from Puerto Rico, which released a s/t album in 2006. This band will appeal to fans of post-rock and space-rock, fans of bands that (for lack of better term) experiment with their tunes, create interesting and captivating textures and atmosphere.

I started the morning with US psych band, Alasehir (composed of a trio of musicians from Bardo Pond), and their 2009 release Torment of the Metals, which sounds like a jam around pre-conceived themes.

Following this, I revisited Blind Mr. Jones and their two releases: Stereo Musicale and Tatooine.
Stellar psych/shoe-gaze/atmospheric/ethereal rock or whatever you want to call it...
There is a compilation album called Over my Head that gathers their two albums plus ep's.

Gurumaniax was next in line with their 2010 release Psy Valley Hill. This group is made up of Guru Guru co-founders Mani Neumeier and Ax Genrich along with Guy Segers on bass (Univers Zero). A freak-out psychedelic journey, with emphasis on textures and grooves rather than following a melodic line. An entertaining jam in space.

I'll keep the rest of the albums for next post.

Album of the day:
Ancestors - Of Sound Mind

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