Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick Recommendation: Tohpati Ethnomission (Indonesia)

Have a listen to this band from Jakarta, Indonesia called Tohpati Ethnomission 

Here's their Myspace bio:

" Tohpati is a guitarist from Indonesia, have released three albums under the label Sony Music (Tohpati, serampang samba, and its time), until now still actively joined the trisum band and simak dialog band.Year 2009 Tohpati create a group Tohpati Ethnomission, and released the cd in year 2010 under the indie label demajors (Indonesia) and moonjune records (USA), featuring bob mintzer(tenor sax), Tohpati experience ever played with the yellowjackets band at jakjazz festival in jakarta year 2008, Eric Marienthal (sax from USA) , Kenny Garret (sax from USA).Tohpati Ethnomission group music is collaboration between jazz and traditional instruments from Indonesia. which uses a suling (bamboo flute from java) and kendang (percussion from java)."

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  1. Hello Assaf, thanks for the very nice comments on my own blog! I'll put a link to yours in the Friends section, so we can always check each other's work. Anyway, I'll be reviewing Tohpati Ethnomission's album for ProgressoR in the near future, so you will be able to read my impressions of it.

    Hope everything else is going well with you! Still looking forward to meeting you one of these days... We'll probably have to head north to NY for this to happen!


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