Friday, September 23, 2011

Spotifynding: Trummor & Orgel

The sound of the organ... straight from Sweden
Whilst listening to one of my favourite Swedish bands, Gosta Berlings Saga on spotify, I was browsing the related artists of their page, and this duo called Trummor & Orgel appeared. As coincidence has it, the duo released just days ago, in 21/9, their fourth album, Out Of Bounds, which is streamable on Spotify.

The duo is brothers Staffan (drums) and Anders (organ, synths) Ljunggren of Uppsala, Sweden.
Their name attracted me, since I know Orgel is dutch for Organ, and I play and love the organ. And so I assumed, rightly so, that there would be an organ on said albums by this group.
I've only heard so far their 2007 release, Reflections from a watery world. 

It is a fuzzy, vintage-y, jazzy and lush sounding album, filled with beautiful melodies, some relaxed and some more lively and upbeat. I know I'll definitely be getting their albums now. 

Trummor & Orgel on Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, iTunes, YouTube

I love Sweden!

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