Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recommendation: A Backward Glance On A Travel Road - Lettres De La Barbarie Ordinaire

Looking backwards has never sounded so good...

When I discovered the French avant/prog-metal group Hypno5e, I also found out about their "alter-ego" band, A Backward Glance On A Travel Road.

As is the case for Hypno5e, their album is an odd and fascinating experience. Otherworldly at times, it is a bizarre and beautiful album, a unique adventure that will pick you up from your current location and delicately take you on a journey. Mostly acoustic, with gentle abstract sounds layering the melodies in each tune, the music is soft but piercing and reaching gorgeous peaks at times (listen to Johnny Got His Gun for instance) or exposing a rougher and more aggressive side (such as in Hier Régnant Désert).  
Highly recommended!

The album is available physically under the name "Lettres De La Barbarie Ordinaire" with a 36 pages book with lyrics and artwork. It's also available digitally as a remastered edition in their bandcamp with an additional track, Heat.

Emmanuel Jessua / guitar, vocals, piano, sitar, charango
Thibault Lamy / drums, percussion, sampling
Cédric Pages aka Gredin / bass, vocals
Jonathan Maurois / guitar

Additional vocals:
- Ilène Grange on "In Absentia part II"
- Sandrine Gillicq on "Falling" 

Review at Blog Critics

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