Friday, September 9, 2011

Lebowski Live Concert Broadcast

I am posting this way too late, but hope still some can make it for today's live broadcast of Lebowski's concert:

Lebowski concert broadcasted live on the Internet

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On the 9th of September 2011 - 7:05PM (GMT+1), Lebowski will perform live in the Polish Radio PiK. Besides the material from the debut album "Cinematic", musicians will play some of the latest compositions. The concert will be broadcasted live on the FM waves and worldwide through the Internet. There will be a possibility to stream the event live directly at


LEBOWSKI - A polish band founded in 2002, playing a wide spectrum of progressive music.

On the debut album in 2010, listener gets to experience the tunes along the lines of artistic rock, motion pictures music, experimental and improvisation, all in harmonized integrity.

"Cinematic" is music for a non-existent movie.

From a theme aspect we can intrepidly consider it as a concept album, dedicated to the 'big figures' of the polish and world cinema.

What comes to the music - the CD is very compact, enriched with dynamic patterns, creating a self-collage. Like a picture of a good director. Lebowski holds listeners in tension, changing the moods, playing according to emotions. Complex and multidimensional compositions, are enabling a surprising and dynamic plot.

The entirety is completed with rich instrumental use and the whole ensemble is an interesting arrangement, where the music isn't held from being in some cases ascetic, modest and soft.

Lyrics for the "Cinematic" are original quotes adopted from the classical polish and international movies.

The "Cinematic" has generated a lot of interest within Poland and in other countries. After a few months the band noted almost 100 reviews from over 20 countries, "album of the week" titles in Poland, Canada, Brazil, Finland, printed press releases in "Metal Hammer" (Poland), "Teraz Rock" (Poland), "LIZARD" (Poland), "Nocturne" (Serbia), "Inferno" Finland".
2011 had started with the International Rock Conspiracy festival in Berlin and will be spent on gigs and tours, one of them includes performing of the same festival together with Brendan Perry, Pain of Salvation and Wolf People.

marcin grzegorczyk - guitars
marcin łuczaj - synths
marek żak - bass
krzysztof pakuła – drums

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