Monday, September 26, 2011

Recommendation: Eccentric Orbit - Attack Of The Martians (2004)

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Bill Noland is a talented musician and composer and the bassist of Eccentric Orbit and the person who wrote the music found on this album.

I've e-met him on the Progressive Ears forum and later got to read some of his reviews for Progression. His detailed and thorough analysis of music is impressive and enlightening and even when we have opposing views on albums or music one of us likes, it's always interesting and refreshing to hear his point of view and his critics of it.

We do, apparently, have similar views about his music.

Attack Of The Martians is an instrumental keyboards-lead and bass heavy album (no guitars). Bill's throbbing bass tone (that sounds dirty, I know) gives the music it rough belly (undertone) and the various keyboards provide the sinister sounding melodic side. The music is filled with an ominous and dark vibe accompanied by propulsive rhythms. To give you a reference point, the group's music has been compared to ELP and King Crimson.

The drums' sound is somewhat of a downside here (not the drumming itself!), as they sometimes seem too far back in the mix and sound artificial (Perhaps there is a drum machine being used in some parts, I'm not sure). The drumming itself is good and not at fault.
But don't let that deter you from trying this wonderful album. It is quite catchy and accessible, despite the length of the tracks.

You can listen to samples here.
You can order the album here.
You can read an interview with Bill here.

The band is supposed to release their new album, Creation of the Humanoids, in 2011. I'm looking forward to that!

Sadly, drummer Mark Cella passed away in March 2010. 
The band's new album will be in his memory.

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