Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Albums Available On ProgStreaming: Sep. 10th, 2011

Here's the latest update from ProgStreaming.
I've heard/have all the albums except for Aisles (I've featured two of those here on the blog; I'll let you find which albums).

"Hello devoted listeners!

A *very* diverse update this time! Check out if you like one of the following, and maybe broaden your taste:

- Fair To Midland "Arrows & Anchors"
- Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving "Deaden The Fields"
- Doracor "La Vita Che Cade"
- Aisles "In Sudden Walks"
- Indelible "Remnants In Red"
- Orchestre Celesti "Transition Of Power"
- Runaway Totem "Le Roi Du Monde"
- Daymoon "All Tomorrows"

And for those who've missed it, this Friday we brought you this one:

- Proto~Kaw "Forth".

Please do buy what you like, the artists all need your support. If if you've already bought an item, why not spread around the Progstreaming-link. "

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