Saturday, September 24, 2011

Band in the Spotlight: Syd Arthur (England)

By the way, which one's Syd?
Here's an interesting new band that was brought to my attention recently.

Syd Arthur are a four piece group from Canterbury. Based on my listening of their debut EP, their music is a modernized version of vintage psychedelic rock, albeit a focused and concise one, without too much distractions. Their songs are quite straightforward and accessible, and have an ear-worm quality to them; you'll find yourself humming them later without realizing it, which is what a good song should do; remain in your head, after hearing it.

 Moving World EP
There is a groove and freshness to their tunes, a lighthearted quality that makes it fun to listen to their songs. Uplifting and upbeat (but not too fast or hectic), this band's songs are well crafted and entertaining. 
The violin played by Raven Bush (yes, the nephew of Kate Bush, but that shouldn't be the reason to get you interested in their music) adds a naughty and edgy sounds to their music (listen to Exit Domino, in which the violin part reminds me a bit of High Tide's music). 
Liam Magill's vocals reminds me just a bit of The Decemberists' Colin Meloy vocals and those fit the music very well. 
"Psychedelic funk rock" as they refer to their music, is quite fitting. They state their influences as: Tame Impala, Black Mountain, Caravan, The Mystery Jets and Soft Machine.

Ode To The Summer

They released an EP called Moving World earlier this year and are now ready to release their full-length called Ode To The Summer.
They've been featured in The Guardian and played Glastonbury and WOMAD.

- Liam Magill / guitar, vocals
- Raven Bush / violin
- Fred Rother / drums
- Joel Magill / bass

Official website
Spotify Moving World + Kingdoms of Experience

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