Monday, September 12, 2011

New Releases From AltrOck

I love this label!
They keep outdoing themselves and coming up with great releases.

Here's the announcement:
" Dave Willey & Friends "Immeasurable currents"

Pocket Orchestra "Phoenix" 2 cd box set

Camembert "Schnörgl Attahk"

All new releases will be available in preview at the Altrock stand during the RIO Festival in Carmaux, France (September 16-18), and then worldwide on our website ( since Tuesday, September 27th."

Listen to some samples here:
Pocket Orchestra
Dave Willey

As a side note, I'll be reviewing as soon as possible, the last batch of AltrOck release here:
October Equus - Saturnal
The Nerve Institute - Architects of Flesh-Density
Ske - 1000 Autunni
Abrete Gandul - Enjambre Sismico

I've already posted here the reviews for previous AltrOck releases, Calomito and Factor Burzaco, as well as for earlier releases by Yugen, Rational Diet, Pikapika Teart, Ciccada, Mirthkon and others.

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