Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eve by Karda Estra free download

Here's the message from Richard Wileman:
" To mark the 10th anniversary of my Karda Estra album 'Eve', I've made it available as a free download "

" 'Eve' is an instrumental concept album inspired by the short gothic novel The Future Eve, written in 1886 by Villiers de L'Isle Adam.

The free 256k download (same quality as i-tunes/amazon) is available here:
(you'll need to scroll past the 'New Worlds' tracks in the player).

There is also a 320k/lossless version at Bandcamp for £1 min:

CD's are still available from the Karda Estra website but there's only a couple of boxes left (50 copies). After they are gone, the album will be purely digital.

Best wishes,
Richard "

Karda Estra - Eve

Composed and performed by Richard Wileman (classical, electric and bass guitars, keyboards and percussion), with Ileesha Bailey (vocals), Helen Dearnley (violin ii, v & vi), Caron Hansford (oboe, cor anglais), Zoe King (flute, alto saxophone, clarinet) and Rachel Larkins (viola, violin i).

i. An Ordinary Mortal 4.33
ii. Andraiad 8.27
iii. The Pale Ray 3.28
iv. Super Electrical 4.40
v. Eve 7.37
vi. Sparks that Flash and Fall... 10.23
vii. Thoughts and Silences 3.23


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