Sunday, September 4, 2011

Recommendation: Caravan Palace - Caravan Palace (2008)

This caravan is always a rockin', don't let that prevent you from comin' a knockin'...

In my "excursions" looking out for down-tempo, trip-hop and nu-jazz outfits I came upon many a cool albums and interesting bands. In particular I found many French bands playing eclectic varieties of said genres. Such groups as Ez3kiel, Wax Tailor and Chinese Man.

One related band I "bumped into" (though not playing those aforementioned styles) is Caravan Palace who plays "electroswing". Never having heard the term, I looked it up in Wikipedia: "Electro-swing is a genre of electronic dance music that fuses 1920s-1940s Jazz styles including Swing music and Big band with 2000s styles including House music, electro music, Hip Hop, drum n bass, and dubstep."
Well, I learned something...

That certainly sounds like what I hear on that album, though that doesn't convey the fun and energy the music holds. One can certainly do the above but without any hooks in their melodies or any holding power in their music. Caravan Palace has that an more. While not particularly striking or breathtaking, it is nonetheless a very appealing album and has a staying power. The songs vary in pace and style, offering a balanced ride on their caravan, a wide and mixed view from their palace. I particularly like their perky and upbeat songs like Jolie Coquine, Suzy and Dragons. 

With only this one s/t album so far to their credit, I'm eager to hear more from this group, see where they go next and whether they'll repeat themselves or be as fresh and adventurous on their next album. 

I like that art work.
A turn-table listening robot. A mixture of old and new, I guess... like their music in a way.
I just wonder how he manages to put on a record with his hands-claws, let alone not scratching it...

You can read more about the band in their Wikipedia entry.

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