Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recommendation: Field Rotation - Acoustic Tales (2011)

Utter beauty...

Field Rotation is the working monicker for Christoph Berg.

Allow me to quote from his website his description of his music:
" Field Rotation is a composer and sound artist from Germany. His music is based on electro-acoustic sound manipulation mainly created with acoustic instruments and field recordings."

On Acoustic Tales, he mixes those field recordings with acoustic instruments (violin and piano) and creates fragile and gorgeously beautiful pieces, pure and serene, though drenched with sadness.

Foreign and mechanical as electro-acoustic music may sound at times (this isn't to say that's bad, as in fact I quite like that sort of music and sound), Acoustic Tales has warmth added to that. It is a mysterious and intimate musical experience. A violin paints clear and gentle melancholic streaks across the electronic bleak background. The mechanic meets the organic, the manipulation of sounds is faced with natural sound.

Christoph says this about the album:
" The album is based on the idea to create a collection of auditory short stories as the short story is one of my favourite literary genres since I know the work of Kafka and Hemingway. So I started to adapt its traits into acoustic forms. The 'Acoustic Tales' are my collected works from this working period 2009 - 2010. "

Here's more about Christoph Berg from Denovali's website:
" Field Rotation was founded 2008 by the electronic music composer and producer Christoph Berg in Kiel, northern Germany. Experimenting with electronic and classical elements this project combines floating soundscapes with electroacoustic colours to create minimalistic soundtracks renouncing of visualisation but interacting with the listeners emotions and feelings. As a violinist and pianist Christoph combines the synthetic sound engineering with natural sounds to communicate his short acoustic tales and impressions. "

Available on the fabulous Denovali label.

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