Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eat your flowers, honey, or no hyperspace trippin' for you...

Fancy some electronic psychedelic music?
Try eating a flower...

Here's a tune from a band called Flower Eaters called Hyperspace Mood; a very fitting name indeed.

Here's a little about the band as was sent to me by band member, Thomas Perryman:
Flower Eaters was born from the ashes of the London based band The Unlimited Dream Company in 2009. Thomas Perryman (English/Dutch) and Leo Perez (Venezuelan), both sound engineers, decided to keep playing together as a duo, with Perryman on guitar and Perez on drums. Pursuing a heavy interest in synthesisers and computer music, Perryman wanted to include it in the compositions, and set out to write music based on a line-up of guitar, drums with a synth backing. Although it started off with controlling four synthesisers on stage, this proved too much of a hassle, and a backing track was made. But the aesthetic of the music was already captured by the idea of each synth acting as an individual voice; at times working together, and at others creating contrapuntal textures. Modern music with Baroque techniques and an emphasis on melodic lines that meander and surprise. Hard rock that is at its heart progressive and organic, a little bit of jazz and funk on the side, and always psychedelic. "

The album "The Spectre Loiters" will be out on October 20th

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