Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recommendations from the Bandcamps: Death In Texas - We Will Implode EP

Another band I just stumbled upon on the Bandcamps.
Their music caught my ear enough to make me spread the word.

Forgive my laziness, but I'll just use the band's own words for this post:

“Death In Texas is a 3-piece progressive pop band, from London, UK. The trio have one release; the 4-song EP ‘We Will Implode’, released independently in July 2011.
Fusing epic classically inspired piano, a pounding rock rhythm section, soaring vocal melodies and progressive-leaning song structures, the ‘We Will Implode’ EP explores the darker side of pop and the grandiose side of rock."

Ruth Searle - Piano, Lead Vocals
Drew Thompson - Bass, Vocals
Kane Power - Drums, Vocals


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