Friday, September 9, 2011

Aranis News

Aranis' latest newsletter tells about the band's activity and indeed they seem busy.

They have live shows coming up, a collaboration with a modern dance group, a new album in the works and a new website:

New Album
The new album, Made In Belguim will feature compositions from "Wim Mertens, Wouter Vandenabeele (Olla Vogala, ...), Geert Waegeman (Cro Magnon), Dick van der Harst, Ward De Vleeschhouwer, Joris Vanvinckenroye, Jan Kuijken etc." The recording will take place next spring.

New Website

The new website is to be found here.

Collaboration with the Retina Dance Company

Aranis are collaborating with the Retina Dance Company: "Retina is an ambitious contemporary dance company artistically led by Filip Van Huffel, producing dance performances of differing scales; from theatre performances to large-scale site-specific events, multi-media projects and a wide range of accessibility and educational projects."
Aranis and the group are collaborating with them in a piece called Layers of Skin: "it is a multilayered performance event with bold choreography by Belgian/English choreographer Filip Van Huffel and his Retina Dance Company with live music by Joris Vanvinckenroye and his acclaimed Belgian chamber rock ensemble Aranis."

Layers of Skin - promo from Retina Dance Company on Vimeo.

Live Dates
Here are the live dates that are set up for now:
CD Tour 2011-2012

16/09 / '11: Maison de la musique, Carmaux (FR) - / rio / + UZ and Present

01/10 / '11: CC Sint-Niklaas- Retina Dance + C °

29/10 / '11: Kulturhuset Halmstad (SE) - - Aranis in trio

01/12 / '11: CC-Tielt-Gildhof

02/12 / '11: C-mine-Genk-

03/12 / '11: Culture in house-Antwerp-T.0475/550.519

27/01 / '12: The Theatre Guide (NL) - try-out "Made in Belgium"

28/02 / '12 "t-Uilekot" Made in Belgium "

01/03 / '12: At 'The Filthy Guest-gent-

03/03 / '12: The slot-OC-Moorsele

10/03 / '12: CC Swan Mountain Heist-O/D-Berg- Retina Dance + C °

23/03 / '12: Art Base Brussels-art-try-out "Made in Belgium"

24/03 / '12: CC "Made in Belgium"

03/05 / '12: CC De Spil Roeselare-- Retina Dance + C °

23/06 / '12: Farm-Hnita Heist-O/D-Berg: 10 YEARS Aranis!

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