Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recommendation: The Rise and The Fall of The Pterodactyl (New Zealand)

Yes, yes, I know, it's getting tedious, isn't it? Yet another band Assaf found on Bandcamp, gave several listens on their streaming page and now wants to tell others about it...

Well, if you feel like it about the matter, what are you doing reading this, then :-) ?

So the band in question is The Rise and The Fall of The Pterodactyl from New Zealand, who play an interesting form of rock, with psychedelic and hard-rock influences, and occasionally some retro vibes and even some Zappa-esque references.

You can download their album for free from their Bandcamp.


  1. This is pretty cool stuff right here.

    You got a account, buddy?

  2. Hi Joel,

    Yeah, this is a pretty good album.

    I used to have a Last.Fm account but have not logged into in more than a year, as I don't listen to music on my computer (plus it kept stop registering what I was listening to every now and again).


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