Friday, February 11, 2011

Recommendation: Jorane - Vers à soi (2007) 

Jorane (Johanne Pelletier) is a Canadian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (cello, guitar, piano, bass) who I found out about last year when I got her 2007 album, Vers à Soi. She recently released her new album, Une Sorcière Comme les Autres.

Vers à Soi is a beautiful album sung in French (she mixes between English and French on her other albums), with gorgeous melodies and lyrics dealing with, among other things, relationship, love, hardship in life etc. There isn't a weak song on here and my favourite is Lumière with mesmerizing cello playing (though I have hard time understanding her articulation in that particular song).
It's best that you listen to her music, rather than me describing it further and giving tags to it. I'll definitely be exploring her other albums as well.

I think you can stream her new album on her website here.

Here are two songs from the album:

Sauve Moi - Jorane from Fred Caron on Vimeo.

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